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I need some help PLEASE!!!!!!!

bamagirl started this conversation
Hello! my name is Holly Vaughn. I am a small town girl from the marvelous state of Alabama who has always dreamed of traveling overseas to explore different horizons. Recently, I have been given this chance by the People to People Student Ambassador Program. They have invited me on a 20 day adventure to England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales. As you might have guessed, I would love to go, however there is a five thousand dollar tuition fee on my dream. And being a small town girl, my family just can not afford to pay for this. I am sincerely hoping that you might consider me for a overseas scholarship, grant, etc. so that I might fulfill my dream that I have had since I was just a little girl. But first I will tell you a little about myself. Having two parents in the education field has taught me that if you want to go far in life, you have to work hard and have a good work ethic. My parents always have pushed me to my fullest potential; this is probably the reason that i have maintained a 4.0 GPA through all of my years in school. Currently, I am a sophmore and have never been in trouble at school either because my parents have taught me to respect my teachers as if they were my "parents" at school. I am ranked second in my grade,  love to hang out with my friends, and attend my small church on Sundays. I have been trying my best to gather up donations from my friends and family, while working a few odd jobs, to try and cover a portion of this fee, but unfortunately I am still not even close to being able to pay for it. I hope that I will hear back from you with news of a possible grant or scholarship. God Bless You!!!
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RipX i
 in response to willloseitall...   

My son also has the same chance. He is doing house and yard work on top of a bake sale and door to door candy sales to raise is funds. You need to work to get for the JERK with the nasty comments go duckyour self .

Talk to RipX i

I hate to say this to a selfish girl as yourself, but do you REALIZE people are losing jobs, homes, health care I type this response?!! and all you can think about is yourself..... Going overseas ( something that these same newly unemployed people have NEVER done).... BOO HOOO ..... Stay here help support your family.........!!!!

Talk to willloseitall